178. Case Study: 32 weeks pregnant, 200 grams of carbs daily

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

I have a client who is 32 weeks pregnant.
She hired me to help her eat so as not to gain too much extra body fat while pregnant and to limit the dietary restrictions needed to be healthy.
This is her 3rd baby. With her previous two she followed dietary advice that made the pregnancies miserable.
Her second child was carried and delivered in ketosis! Her advisor made her deathly afraid of bananas, fruit, and carbs in general.
She has been eating 200 plus carbs per day throughout this pregnancy and has not missed her CrossFit workouts the whole time.
She has regressed exercise to limit impact but otherwise lifts, runs, hops, and does all the regular stuff she does when not pregnant.
She concluded: "I'm enjoying this pregnancy much more than the previous two. I hated being treated like I was this fragile thing that would break with the slightest disruption. This is the way to do it."
I still remember the first time I saw a woman so pregnant she could burst jumping up and down from a pull up bar at a local CrossFit.
It fundamentally changed my belief about what the body is capable of. Even while pregnant. It was badass.
It's even cooler having a direct hand in that journey for someone else.

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