175. Case Study: Sub 300 pounds, RHR drop

By: Michael Beiter

My client just crossed the 300 pound barrier.
He started in November of last year close to 400 pounds.
He has lost ALL of this weight by means of tracking his macros and walking 10,000 steps per day.
He has not touched a single weight, tried to hop, jump, skip or any other movement reserved for athletes and misapplied to everyone.
After almost one year of work on food, sleep, and daily movement we are JUST NOW introducing resistance training.
This is an appropriate progression that has this man itching at the bit to do more with his body rather than dreading another beat down in the gym.
This is how I get people to work with me and change their entire fitness and nutrition lives: I get them to do less than they ever thought they needed while producing results.
Without showing your his weight loss chart, which is impressive take a look at this.
His heart beat 72 times per minute to support him when he was almost 400 pounds.
Now that he is sub 300 it is between 52 and 55 beats per minute.
A quick calculation lets us know his heart is more efficient. To the tune of 28,800 beats per day.
My guy is a fucking hero for getting this work done regardless of moves, Covid, friends, past excuses, and being busy.
My work changes lives. One year of this dudes time and energy invested the way I suggested produced a life expectancy gain of close to 20 years.
Let's go.

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