172. First month observations from a new client

faq nutrition Sep 30, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


I just met with a new client who weighs 378 pounds. He is down 7 pounds from 385 the month before when he started. 

Here are some observations he made in his first month:

"Using a food scale is very eye opening. Realizing how fucked our portions are is humbling. 

I got used to eating primarily dressing with some vegetables and calling it a salad. I measured two tablespoons of dressing and thought I wouldn't only get like two bites of flavor but it was not bad. As a rule of thumb I noticed if there is dressing left at the bottom of the bowl after I finish I had too much dressing. 

Chicken only sucks if you don't know how to use spices and seasoning.

I have had something scheduled every weekend from the 4th of July til' now. Most of them involved drinking and eating. I learned this last month that I can still do a lot of those things and cut back on drinking without losing out on the experiences and making strides with my health and nutrition. This is a huge realization as I have always thought of diet as meaning no alcohol, no sugar, no good stuff. 

This weekend is my first weekend off that I don't have anything scheduled in a long time. I'm going to do nothing. It will be great."

In just one month this guy has learned a handful of valuable lessons about nutrition and lifestyle that over 30 years of practice failed to teach him before. 


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