165. Set point theory

By: Michael Beiter

Set point theory, as it pertains to human body weight, states that there is a biological control method in humans that actively regulates weight towards a predetermined set weight for each individual. This may occur through regulation of energy intake or energy expenditure.
With nutrition and exercise we can choose where we want our body weight and body composition set points to be. Within reason.
The first photo shows someone who is actively training their body to a new low set
The second photo shows someone who reached her desired low set point and has stayed there since. Any gain in weight is from muscle tissue from weekly weight lifting.
Most people think losing the fat is the hardest. It isn't. Resetting your set points to healthy ones is hard.
This means once the fat is lost it stays off because a new set point has been created.
The body accepts the new, lighter, healthier weight as homeostasis and doesn't fight to get back to the previous set point.
Reestablishing set points is possible for everyone. It takes more time and effort than a lot of people typically give their diet and exercise efforts though.

Be thankful once you reach your set point and maintain there. After all, when you first began that is exactly what you were after: a sustainable plan that keeps you healthy. 


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