160. Food logging kills guilt

By: Michael Beiter

I have a client who has been working with me for 7 years. She is in her early 40's and the top 2% for women her age group when it comes to body fat percentage. 

In one of our nearly 90 monthly check ins where we weigh and discuss eating and exercise she commented:

"Food logging has proven to be a useful tool in a way I didn't anticipate. I used to get really down on myself when I had a donut or some drinks or whatever. When I finally started logging what I was eating on the weekends and when I was being 'bad' I quickly learned my assessments were way off. I learned I was way OVER estimating how much I was eating and being unfairly critical of myself."

Not long after she got used to logging everything she ate she found herself feeling much less guilt surrounding her eating. 

"I can fit anything I want into my plan. I know how to balance the rest of my day or week around foods that cost more than others. I don't think of food as good or bad anymore, simply as what it will cost in terms of macros and calories. I balance those amounts like I do my check book. No more unfair labeling and beating myself up for eating something I enjoy."

So according to this vet who food logging kills guilt. 

I told the same to two other women today who 'felt like I was eating horribly and getting fat.' They both got on the scale and proved their feelings wrong with facts. 


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