159. The maintenance contract

By: Michael Beiter

I maintain that maintaining your fitness is harder than changing it.
So much so that I created a contract to help my clients keep their results once they get them.
It goes like this.
I (your name) agree to (workout + food) if I weight more than (lbs) or test higher than (bf%).
The client determines their upper bounds for what they want to weigh and test at for body composition.
Once they define those numbers and the workout and food details they will stick to if they violate them we get to the fun part called 'The 3 R's.'
1.) Reward
2.) Repercussion
3.) Recruit
Each month clients meet and test their numbers.
If they stick within their goal they REWARD themselves with a purchase of something that brings them pleasure. It could be a new pair of shoes, a favorite meal, or whatever. There has to be enough money involved to actually motivate action. For some people the amounts can get high.
If they weigh more or test higher than they set out to they have to face a REPERCUSSION. Ideally an equal amount of money will be spent on something that causes pain. For example, if a client fails to maintain their ranges they might write a check to the opposing political party or rival college school. Again, the repercussion needs to cost enough that it leads to action.
Lastly, clients need to RECRUIT one more person to hold them accountable.
A fitness friend or someone holding themselves to similar standards is best.
With the maintenance contract and 3 R's in place people use the unfortunate motive of money to get themselves to act.
While the argument against money being motivating is strong the fact remains it works.
Give this a shot if you are having trouble keeping up your efforts to stay on top of your workouts and nutrition.

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