157. Personal training compared to nutrition coaching

nutrition pillar coaching Jul 22, 2021
For the first half of my career I worked as a personal and group trainer.
People would meet with me 2-5 times per week to workout.
That equates to 8 - 20 visits monthly, 96-240 yearly. My clients would learn to show up on time, follow instructions, receive feedback, and get their reps, rest, and records of what they did done for them by the trainer, me.
Now I work as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.
People meet me once per month to review their eating, sleeping, and exercise from the last month and to plan for the next one.
That equates to 12 visits per year. My clients learn how to manage their fitness and nutrition on their own and have me for any help they need and accountability.
12 visits per year versus 96 - 240. Which one do you think produced better results for my clients?
Which one do you think made work more enjoyable for me?
Both answers are the monthly, low visit coaching model.
This is for people who want to learn skills they can use on their own.
Personal and group training teaches dependencies and reliance on the trainer, his counting, method, presence, etc.
Nutrition coaching leads to very high levels of satisfaction, results, and long term success. Personal training leads to professional relationships that bleed into friendships. With it often go the results, empowerment, and likelihood for long term maintenance.
I didn't start succeeding professionally until I did the opposite of what everyone else was doing - spending money on brick and mortar, product, and otherwise physical services and products.
I spent no money because I didn't have any. I have no products still to this day. I'm starting to venture into them at the 5 year mark with marketing t shirts.
My service is as minimalistic as it gets.
And with it we have signed up a new client weekly for 5 years straight, made a half million bucks, and produce results that blow peoples' minds. Including doctors.
In either Q4 2021 or Q1 2022 I will have my first client who lost 100 pounds with me. That didn't happen once when I met with people multiple times per week. It wasn't until I created a service that focuses on empowerment and self efficacy that I got someone to such levels of success.
He will be followed closely by my second 100 lb fat loser. Again, the meet the trainer or coach multiple times weekly model failed both of these two.
Meeting me once a month and talking over an app did what all those gyms, supplements, and plans couldn't.
So I work about one quarter as much as I used to which saves me from the burnout I was headed for and my clients are many times more successful than when I followed the previous models laid out for me.
It wasn't until I tried doing things on my own, my way that it started working.
Believe in yourself. Even when no one else does.
You will find yourself in the struggle. You might even discover the same love for self reliance my clients and I have found.
Break from the dependency creators and get with the skill teachers.

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