155. "It has all been borrowed time since the war Pol"

fitness Jul 22, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


Thomas Shelby, enterprising leader of the Peaky Blinders gang in the show of the same name said to his aunt Pol when she told him he was living too dangerously "Ever since the war I've looked at every day as borrowed time Pol. I died there and everything since is just a bonus." 

I got goosebumps often watching that series. Cillian Murphy is a monster of an actor. 

His comment got me thinking though. 

Am I living on borrowed time as well? 

Most of my life I've felt entitled to 70-80 years. Just because these are the numbers I was taught were realistic growing up. 

What I was not told shines a bit more light on the matter and leads me to conclude: yes, every day is a bonus from now on. 

If I were born 120 years earlier my life expectancy would be 35. I'm 31 as I write this, the thought of only having 4 more years is beyond uncomfortable. 

By sheer chance I was born in 1989 and therefore can expect to live TWICE as long: 74 years. 

Nearly all of that gain in life expectancy comes from scientific advancements across hundreds of fields. 

I am so thankful to be alive during this time. Rather than getting my affairs in order and planning my estate I am going to take a nap after working for a few hours. Current estimates suggest I have just under 50 more years to do the same. 

Every day is a gift. Pretty soon I'll be on bonus time. I will never stop being thankful for opening my eyes another morning. 


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