150. 5 years with Carmen

By: Michael Beiter

Carmen and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary!

In July of 2016 Carmen and I met via our friend Kelly. We were in another friend's kitchen where we met on Saturday mornings monthly to check body compositions and drink mimosas. 

Fast forward five years and she is 15 pounds of fat lighter, 11 pounds of muscle heavier, and 5 inches less around her waist. 

Her body composition went from 26% or poor for women her age to 16% at her lowest. She hovers between 16 and 18 now, excellent for women her age. 

Carmen said: "If someone would have told me when I was 22 years old that I need to be lifting, sleeping, hitting macros and doing what I am now I would have laughed. I thought I knew everything. I wish I would have started sooner. I wish I would have met you ten years earlier. I wish I would have gone down this path sooner in life."

We transformed her from a skinny fat runner with no nutritional awareness to a ripped, strong mama  who lifts weights and in her own words "has nutrition figured out." 

She has worked her tail off. 

In 5 years she has met monthly over 60 times to measure her body and discuss her eating and exercise. 

She worked out over 1500 times in that span. 

She slept, stepped, and tracked her way to the healthiest and best feeling she has ever been. 

"It takes deliberate effort every day for me to do this stuff. The benefits are beyond worth it. The physical changes are most noticeable in my face, arms, shoulders, back, and butt. All for the better. The mental changes are hard to quantify but they are all improved too."

Five years of work is nothing to scoff at. For either Carmen or myself. The consistency, practice, dedication, and will power required are immense on both ends. 

I'm proud of her. I'm proud of myself. 

Here's to 5 down and many more to go. 


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