148. A case study in reverse dieting and wide open eating windows

By: Michael Beiter


On July 6, 2020 I wrote: 

This guy is a firefighter. They eat communally at the firehouse often. One of his co-workers skips breakfast and is trying to lose weight.

My client asked him why.
“I’m trying this new intermittent fasting thing.”

Intermittent fasting isn’t new. It’s not even unique, we all do it every day. Unless you can eat when you sleep you fast every night while you sleep. This is balanced with a handful of hours where you are awake and consuming. That makes it intermittent.

So everyone already fasts to an extent. What’s the benefit of skipping meals and fasting even more?

Simply, it makes controlling calorie intake easier. It is harder to eat as many calories in 8 hours as you normally would in 16. For some people this rule set has been revolutionary for them for calorie control. That's great, but they can't keep going on and on about magical benefits of something literally every person was born knowing how to do. 

Rule sets for complex things like nutrition make people feel in control. The extent of the benefits ends once the eater learns to control themselves for all hours of their day instead of imposing rules that overly restrict them. Have no doubt that controlling calories over the course of 16 hours will yield the same results as far as fat loss and muscle gain are concerned. It's also much more sustainable and makes the dieter happier.

Eating unrestricted is takes practice, discipline and patience. But the rewards are freedom from fad diets, expensive gym and trainer dues, large supplement bills, and most importantly: freedom from the dependence on Big Med and Big Pharma. 

This morning, July 6 of 2021, I opened his chart to see how his body weight and body composition are doing. 

This guy is a great example of what happens when you successfully get a bunch of body fat off of someone and then incrementally add more food. Their metabolism loves it, they gain muscle and keep their body composition tip top. 

Sustained fat loss is one of the hardest things to do in the modern environment. We have a method for doing it though. This fella is proof of long term sustainability and efficiency. 

He is eating 22,400 calories per week and sustaining sub 10% body fat as a mid 40 year old male fire fighter. That is just a hair over 3,000 per day. Him and I actually decided that was too much as he was forcing himself to eat that much daily and compromising quality food choices to do so. 

That's a good problem to have. 

He will still be able to handle about 3k per day and hold steady. If everything is done right I can write again on the 6th of July 2022 and show you he has stayed within a 5 pound range of body weight. And that any gain in weight will likely be from muscle, not fat. 

He eats when he feels like it with no restricted timing window. 

Photo one August of 2020

Photo two July 2021
Work began October 2019. 

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