147. Einstein and experience

fitness nutrition Jul 01, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


Your own experience is one of the best teachers.
The definition of insanity according to Einstein is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
OK the stage is set. See if this is something you can relate to.
"I do really well with breakfast and lunch but once dinner comes around I'm shot. I end up making bad food choices or eating more than I intended."
This is common. When we wake up we have a refreshed cup full o' decisions we can make for the day. Each hour that goes by brings more decisions and fatigue. After 8 hours of consciousness most people need a break to rest and digest. Few get it.
By the time dinner rolls around a lot of people are fresh out of good, logical decision making. Taco pizza, take home, carry out, drive thru, packaged, convenient and quick rule the day along with manufactured levels of salt, sugar, and fat. A tired mind is doomed.
With your own experience how many times have you noticed this happening? Once you noticed it happen more than once did you do anything about it?
If you didn't you are insane according to Albert.
Here's what I've found work with the day end diet struggle: planning.
When you are constantly making bad decisions in the moment it is a good idea to shift that decision making to a more rational, well rested state. Say Sunday mornings after a cup of coffee while you thumb through recipe books and make your grocery list and weekly eating plan.
This way you aren't making a decision on what to eat after a day full of work and kid duties.
Every day you can confidently head out the door knowing what have you're having for lunch, dinner and snacks. You removed the decision making from the moment and saved yourself a bunch of over eating.
Some people need to plan and execute or they have no control. Others can go about things more flexibly, but only after they have built the skills of food management to do so.
One of the most impactful of those skills is planning.
Don't be insane. Learn from your experience.
Plan if your in the moment decision making is bad.

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