146. Keto or nah? A case study in sustainability

fitness nutrition Jun 30, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


A client said this: "My friend is doing a keto thing. He has to drink this shake every day that puts him into instant ketosis. Then he has to fast for 60 waking hours a week and can’t have carbs.
I laughed and told him he was doing it wrong.
I eat twelve times as much food as you, take no supplements, and had a bagel this morning. We started at the same time and I was 20 pounds heavier than you and am kicking your ass.”

In the spring of 2020 right before Covid got gnarly my client said that to me and snapped a picture of her charted fat loss which at the time was at about 20 pounds down from where she started at 242. 
Now, in the summer of 2021 she is sitting at 168 and has maintained sub 170 pound body weight since achieving it for the first time in January. So 6 months of sustaining. 

This is her chart as of this writing. 

She got to eat far more food than the friend she was competing against, spent not money on crap supplements, and wasn't hoodwinked by the dogma surrounding ketosis and low-carb dieting.
That's not even the best part. Two years after starting she is still holding on to the healthy body weight. We beat the most depressing stat holding people back from body composition success: the rebound rates after successful fat loss. They are abysmal. Nearly 90% of dieters regain the fat they lost plus some. This speaks to the unsustainable means they used to reach the fat loss in the first place.
Our whole program is designed around beating these averages and allowing you to keep what you worked for. Sustainable!

Her friend ended up quitting the keto and eating carbs again. He gained back any fat he lost and is actually heavier now than when he started. 

So you decide. Keto or nah? 


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