143. You think you eat more variety than you really do

nutrition Jun 19, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

You think you eat way more variety than you do.
The Food Network, magazines, and advertisements have convinced you that you should be eating five star dishes every time you're hungry.
They need to have ingredients sourced from around the world and require hours of preparation.
Your food has to be photogenic and come with an inspirational quote so you can put it on the internet.
Logging your food for calories and macros takes too much time in your mind.
All of this is disproven in reality where it has been found that most people eat 30-50 foods over and over on constant rotation and that the average time it takes to prepare a healthy, globally sourced meal is more a measurement of minutes than hours.
After the 30 to 50 things you eat regularly get logged once tracking them for calories and macros becomes a game of swiping left and right in an app. It takes a single digit amount of minutes to do daily.

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