123. Podcast 6 - Aaron Carlson 4 years of work interview

fitness nutrition Mar 09, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

We start talking about Netflix before we get into the intro to this amazing fella.

Aaron has worked with me for 4 years. His accomplishment are long:

• Paid for entire program with supplement savings

• Went from constantly hurt, fatter, and weaker to sub 10% body fat, uninjured and not sick ever since beginning here

• Has strung together multiple 400+ hour years of exercise

• Logs every food he eats despite initially being ambivalent and hesitant to be objective with his eating

• Beat the average of 86% of dieters regaining the fat they lose within three years


We touch on a lot including social media and it's effect on fitness, hedonic adaptation, whiteboard warrior exercising, and injury prevention. 

This podcast is full of information with one of the best to do it. Have a listen and enjoy!


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