121. 4 years of work - the result?

fitness nutrition Feb 23, 2021
By: Michael Beiter

My client Amy and I just had our 4 year anniversary.
We have been working together since February of 2017.
She checked in today at her leanest ever: 12.45% body fat.
This puts her in the top 1% of females her age for body composition - one of the five health variables of fitness.
For the first time in all of those years we modified her food choice and meal timing.
She has been doing very voluminous barbell training that caused her to bonk. She ran out of blood sugar to supply immediate energy for her demanding workouts. So we introduced specific carbohydrate consumption and timing related to her workouts.
Why have we never done this before now? Because the evidence never suggested it was necessary, so we followed the minimum effective dose and didn't try to fix what wasn't broken.
Amy is a model of discipline and consistency that I think both her and I over look often. She is habitual with her workouts, recovery, and nutrition. So much so that we neglect to acknowledge how unique these behaviors are in the grand scheme of things in today's society.
I am very proud of her. And I am proud that I built a business that consistently services those who would have it. I wanted to address the biggest issue I saw off the bat with my solution to fitness and nutrition work: sustainability. Nearly 90% of people who lose more than 5% of their body fat regain it back within 3 to 5 years. The only way to beat that statistic is to stay in the game long enough to see people through that time frame.
Amy lost 12% of her body fat and has maintained her losses for 4 years. Hell, she has even improved upon them! One more year and she will beat the most depressing statistic facing all dieters. And I'll be right there with her, a proud parent of this business that beats the norm.

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