112. You need an internal alarm system

By: Michael Beiter

Our service at Pillar Coaching Services has clients meeting with their coach monthly to review their eating and exercise from the month prior and plan for the one coming. 

After enough reps this monthly set up leads to some bells that are helpful for keeping us in shape and healthy. 

For example: We set upper bounds of body weight and body fat percentage that guide our decision making. For females it is usually 20% body fat. For males it is 15%. Depending on the individual this correlates with a certain body weight range for them. If either of these upper bounds are met we know that food needs to be tightened up and exercise increased. 

I've been met with cries that this is obsessive and damaging to the mental health of our clients. I disagree. So do most of our clients. When our people get a little loose with their behavior and reach their determined upper bounds some alarms start going off in their mind that tell them they need to change something. It is the absence of such alarms that allows body weights and fat levels to balloon without recourse. Which is exactly the problem facing 2/3 of overweight American adults. 

When we meet monthly we check body composition and circumference measurements to check for change. 

Some clients get anxious for these meetings. I told one this morning that that is a good thing. 

"What do you think you being anxious to get weighed and measured says about your eating and exercise this last month? Think it means you did well or that you need to do better?" 

We are living in a time where negative emotions like anxiety are ran from and catered to until they go away. This is not helpful and no doubt contributes to the overweight state of our country. 

Know that negative emotions like anxiety or nervousness have evolutionary use. They tell us when we need to approach or avoid. We just happen to be living in a time where we can avoid almost anything we don't like. This is bad news for us. 

Facing the music at check ins and paying attention to the emotions you have surrounding them and the alarms that go off if you are slacking are USEFUL. 

Embrace them. They tell you what you need to do. 


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