108. Calling all parents

By: Michael Beiter

Calling all parents.
One of the more difficult tasks of my job is convincing people to put themselves first. It is such a taboo topic. Being selfish is, well, selfish.
We have all been taught that the key to a happy life giving. The problem lies herein: we give so much that we reach a point of giving up on ourselves.
I have two mamas I work with who are struggling with this. Every minute of the day seems to slip away to work and kids. My challenge has been showing them that IF they can move themselves back to the top of their priority list then their ability to give more to their work and kids would be compounded. 
It's a bit paradoxical yes - be selfish so you can be more selfless. Hmph.
Here are some things busy parents can "selfishly" do to become more giving:
1.) Lift weights
2.) Full spa treatment - make sure massage is included
3.) Eat the ice cream, or the pizza, or the pasta
4.) Scream sing
5.) Sleep
Think of the stewardess and her speech on oxygen masks. You are no good to anyone else if you don't take care of yourself first. 

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