104. What is a sustainable rate of fat loss?

faq Jan 12, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

What is a sustainable rate of fat loss? 

This question, like all others concerning fitness and nutrition has a lot of variables that contribute to the answer. I know many people who respond to questions like this with 'it depends' and then go on to complicate the matter so much the questioner is left more confused than when they asked. 

Our answer: 1-2% of your overall body fat percentage lost per month is a sustainable rate to lose. Sustainable in that once you lose at this rate you are much less likely to rebound afterwards. Slow and steady wins the race - it's true. 

Abbey just finished her first year with us. She lost 12% of her body fat in that time. Of course she wanted a bit more. And this idea speaks to the principle of adaptation that is so prevalent in our lives. Once we achieve something we quickly adapt to it and yearn for more. This is also known as the hedonic treadmill. Without checking this tendency you will never be happy. 

The Stoics had a wonderful exercise to combat this thinking. Learn to want what you already have. 

I reminded Abbey one year ago that she wanted everything we just accomplished, but now that she had it she is still salivating for more. 

Practice being grateful for what you have. Celebrate your progress and achievements unless you want them to be short lived and almost instantly replaced by newer, higher standards. 

Lottery winners are prime examples of this. Research shows that after winning enough money to satisfy every need and want they have lottery winners return to their pre winning level of happiness within 6 months. 


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