102. You only see your trainer once a month? Will this actually work?

faq fitness nutrition Jan 05, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

Cathy was a client who came from a diverse background in fitness. She has been a member at a big box gym before called Aspen where she worked with a trainer and occasionally went to fitness classes. She also go into Crossfit for a while where she learned to lift weights more and use barbells. There was a short while where she joined a women's only facility that offered classes throughout the day. 

Each of her endeavors provided some insight and slightly different results. However, she eventually regressed back to her starting point with each of them. She couldn't achieve the results she wanted and began to grow frustrated.

Then a friend of hers mentioned her fitness guy at a lunch one day. 

"He's no bullshit. But it's exactly what I need. I see him monthly, sometimes even longer between meetings. Everything else is done in an app." 

Cathy would have written the whole suggestion off if her friend had not totally transformed her body and eating over the past couple years. 

So she ended up calling the guy and setting up a time to meet and discuss. 

There she learned of his model and how it differed from practically every fitness and nutrition solution she had been exposed to before. She really wouldn't get to see him more than once a month and she would use her smart phone for most of her work. 

This dude seemed confident bordering on brash with his approach. 

"You don't need the class, gym, trainer, diet, or supplements you've been lead to believe" he said. "You just need you, and the decision that you are going to finally figure this out and do it for yourself." 

He explained that his confidence in his methods was not just from previous successes with his clients. 

"The most recent research on behavior change in fitness and nutrition is showing that what I propose works. I can offer no better guarantee."


This story is true with details changed for privacy. 

The British Medical Journal just published a meta analysis of random control trials (the best of the best when it comes to scientific evidence) with 7500 participants. They found that smartphone apps and trackers are effective in promoting physical activity in their wearers. 

The science continues to encourage our use of technology to improve physical activity. It has already been found to improve weight loss outcomes and nutritional adherence in those who use them

Finally, you should remember that these applications are brand spanking new in the scheme of things. People have been working out in classes and going to gyms since the 60's but the technology that is being proven so effective has only been around for 15 years or so. 

Embrace our cutting edge. 


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Do smartphone applications and activity trackers increase physical activity in adults? Systematic review, meta-analysis and metaregression

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