1. We write to find out what we know and want to say

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2020

Writing, and thinking, and learning are the same process. 

I've wanted to publish my writing somewhere other than social media for quite a while. I've held off for fear of the unknown. I read a book about blogging and decided it would be the perfect avenue to do what I'm trying to do. 

Early on I committed to anobscene number in my head: 1000 blog posts. I thought they would be best written with the check ins I tend to in my business as a fitness and nutrition coach. There we always work through problems involving self care. Particularly, moving and eating. So here is to 1000 posts from 1000 face to face sessions with every type of person you could imagine: teen to senior, novice to master, male to female. 

Who is this for?

Anyone who eats food and moves. For over 11 years I've made a living in the fitness industry helping people get healthier. The one thing I have learned above all else is that you are not that special. Yes, despite what you've heard all these years from your mother, you are not so unique. You and I and everyone you know are 98% the same. And it's with that likeliness in mind that we should be taking care of our selves the same way. Not pretending the 1-2% that makes us different warrants some exotic exercise or eating routine. I call that belief the snowflake syndrome because the people who believe it think they are the one in a million. Most of the time they are not. But that's a good thing because it allows all of us to enjoy our eating and exercise lives free of the specialization that over burdens those who practice it. Being a generalist has its upside and it's the most important lesson I've drawn from over a decade of work. 


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