170. Try this shift

fitness mental fitness Sep 01, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

The human brain is a fascinating thing.

One of our hardwired abilities is how we conserve energy.

Our brains and bodies are energy conserving machines. Via experience we learn what costs a lot of energy and attention and what doesn't.

If the action is pleasurable you will get a good feeling for attending to it and giving it energy. It benefitted you and in the future you will be more likely to seek that experience out. 

If the thing is painful you will get a bad feeling...

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169. FAQ : Energy drinks

By: Michael Beiter


Hey boss! It is crazy how addictive bad processed sugar filled foods can be, the past couple days I’d have two Oreos and it’d turn into ten. Back in the day I’d be like oh the day is lost or the week is lost and go sliding down hill fast, because I had the “forbidden” foods. Now I just reflected on how dangerous those can be and started a new week resetting for the week! You helped me with that mindset and I appreciate you!! One question is...

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168. Press release: Dieting: Villain or Scapegoat?

By: Michael Beiter

I have been beating the hell out of a dead horse lately saying it is not a failure of will power or discipline causing obesity. It is a mismatch between our biology and environment.
We are semi smart cave people in body and brain and space aged in technology and ability to manipulate our surroundings.
We have not had enough time to figure out how to live with unlimited food stores as well as processed and manufactured options that didn't exist in nature before we...
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167. Carbohydrate Cycling

By: Michael Beiter

Carbohydrate cycling (carb-cycling), is the approach when a low-carbohydrate diet is paired with planned periods of moderate to high-carbohydrate consumption.

This nutrition strategy has become a hot topic over the last number of years. carbohydrate cycling, like many of the modern protocols, goes against the traditional nutrition and dieting advice.

Tradition tells us that we can only build muscle or lose fat, and never at the same time. This is because we must maintain a...

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166. Carbohydrate Back Loading

By: Michael Beiter

CBL in its most basic form is essentially the practice of delaying the intake of your daily carbohydrates.

The term ‘carbohydrate Back Loading’ was given to this practice after American training and nutrition consultant John Kiefer published his eBook called ‘carbohydrate Back Loading’.

There were many books previously published on carbohydrate cycling, but none as extensively researched and referenced as Kiefer’s. Due to some clever marketing,...

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165. Set point theory

By: Michael Beiter

Set point theory, as it pertains to human body weight, states that there is a biological control method in humans that actively regulates weight towards a predetermined set weight for each individual. This may occur through regulation of energy intake or energy expenditure.
With nutrition and exercise we can choose where we want our body weight and body composition set points to be. Within reason.
The first photo shows someone who is actively training their...
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164. What's with the sugar?

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a documentary on Netflix called That Sugar Film. In it the host decided to experiment on himself and see what would happen to his body and health if he ate the amount of sugar the average European consumed daily. 

He aimed to buy 'healthy' food products and use them as the bulk of his diet. Unbeknownst to him they all contained massive amounts of added sugar. 

It was not long before his blood pressure went up, he gained fat,...

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163. Fitness and Nutrition Talk Podcast Ep 1: Becky P

By: Michael Beiter

In this conversation Mike talks to Becky, a long time client of coach Bridget. She has had tremendous success with her fitness and nutrition journey and she shares her insights in this back and forth.

Listen HERE

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162. Stand up for yourself and procrastination as a pro rather than a con

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

Stand up for yourself. Go ahead. You will be applauded, not punished.
"I felt guilty going to work out. Everyone else is at work and I don't deserve to be taking this time for myself" a client said.
I asked her what happened when she told her supervisors she was taking time to go to the gym.
"They said good job and told me I should do it more."
Letting yourself get door matted by co workers, clients, or whoever is a sign of low self...
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161. All or Nothing Thought Distortion

By: Michael Beiter

All or nothing thinking is a cognitive distortion.
It refers to your tendency to evaluate your personal qualities in extreme, black-or-white categories.
For example, someone who didn't lose all the weight they wanted told me, "Because I didn't lose 45 lbs I'm a zero."
A habitual exerciser who works out 7 days a week averaged a couple weeks of 5 days and concluded "I'm a total failure."
All-or-nothing thinking forms the basis of perfectionism....
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