Finally, a program that is sustainable. 

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There are no food restrictions! You can eat what you want, not how much.We teach you how to eat the foods you love and still lose fat or stay in shape. 


You won't just be given a plan to follow. Learning the skills to improve your body composition, health markers, and performance is best achieved through practice. We prefer parameters, not plans. 


Sustainability is our number one concern. If you don't see yourself sticking to your plan 5 years from now you're wasting time. By practicing what you learn with us you'll ensure a lifetime of success.



Workout from anywhere with any kind of equipment. Your coach provides all the details of what movements, muscles, sets, and reps you need to reach your goals.


Enjoy limitless communication with your coach. Get your questions answered and the support you need. 


Your diet and exercise doesn't have to look like anyone else's or require a team to execute. Your preferences matter most. 

"It's tough to put to words what this service has done for me. I have significantly changed my lifestyle and have never been happier as a result. It's my life goal to never have to say no to an adventure due to physical limitations and, as a result of what I've learned with Mike at Pillar, I'm now confident I'll never have to. I now know I can do whatever I put my mind to. I look and feel amazing. "

Kelly Z
Weightlifter, cyclist, musician

"Because of my lifestyle, I always had trouble with losing fat and keeping it off. I travel often and have to eat at restaurants. When I'm back I spent a lot of time seated in front of a computer. With Pillar Coaching Services I learned better ways to eat the foods I love while losing fat and still enjoying myself, and it's improved my life immensely."

Steve R
Family man, basement weight smasher

"“The nutrition aspect of the training has been good - It's been easy for me with meals, snacks, etc. and although I'm down 15 pounds, the benefit is more than just lost weight. I've spent years dealing with a neurological issue which required taking pain and anti inflammatory meds sometimes 3 to 4 times a day with upwards of 9 pills being taken. Many days felt like I was on the outside looking in just to get through the day. My neurologist suggested a healthier diet and exercise. After working with Mike, I'm no longer taking any medications, and I've 'graduated' from my neurologist - those were her words! So, long story short, this experience has been a life changer. My only regret is I didn’t start 20 years ago!"

Paul E
Grandpa to 13, SVP Chief Retail Officer

"I’ve been working with Mike for over four years. I’m in the best shape of my life and have the most confidence that I’ve ever had. I’ve come from a long line of eating disorders and negative body image. Mike has changed this all for me. Not only is he an incredible trainer and nutrition coach, he is a dear friend who I appreciate more than words can say. I have referred him to several friends who were looking for nutrition guidance and they couldn’t be happier. Their results are incredible. His program is sustainable and a lifestyle that can be maintained. It’s not a quick fix that will make you drop weight only to have you gain it back right away. He truly cares about his clients and I will never leave his side. I believe in him and his principles. He is always up for learning and progressing. I’ve never met someone like him with such a strong mindset and love for what he does."

Liz M
Mother, Friend, Fitness queen

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